Thursday, February 14

Split second turns WORST

Few months back, my mum had a problems with her thyroid which leads to uncontrollable menses. She found out when she had her pap smear check. Right now she's fine but needs more attention on her daily meals.

My mum was acting strangely that she suspect that my dad has affair with his ex. Sometimes when my dad wasn't around the house, my mum will ask me to open his skype to check what's happening and even take pictures as evidence. I remembered that one of my ex-classmates told me when his was calculating my feng shui said that my parents will separate. I never forget what he said and I keep alert to myself until this day. I think I need to prepare for the W.C.S. (Worst Case Scenario) as the time pass by. I'm not sure I'm ready to tell my mum about this 'thing' that ex-classmate told me beforehand.

-signing out-  

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