Saturday, June 23

ID complicated Life

I'm back again...
with new style of life..
a complete 360 degree change..
now i'm already semester 2 week 9..
come to think that i have met such nice, supportive friends and lecturers..
even i didn't think that my life can be such a wonderful some times..
put in all the effort that i have can be a biggest winner to myself!!

Already few months past..
after the incident that he did to me..
i NEVER trusted any of my guy friends any more..  but not all...
is like been a threat to me..
some times a girl can be hurt by him just because he is just to good to him..
RUBBISH just to say that i don't have feelings for you, it's over..
I just want to tell 'him' and all the guys out there:
"I don't need you to depend on just because you said you loved me, 
that it just a LIE,
thanks for bugging in and out of my life just for the sake of FUN, and don't you even dare to come back to my life saying you regret living, YOU MORON..
screw you for the rest of your life on EARTH.."
FYI: until now, I'm still in one piece.. Thank YOU!!

-busy with Site Surveying Draft and new project for Cafe Design, signing out..-