Saturday, July 28


3 more weeks left till Sem break... there's so many to finish. Sometime I may think I'm a workaholic.. I never feel tired till I lie down, eyes close till the next day... Sleepless, Panda-eyes, dark circle are mostly the common I will come out from my mouth.. But I NEVER regret what I did this far... B and 10 are always my supporter wherever we do and always will do together... Never Alone...

Predictably I screwed when I choose J as a leader and never do as a part. Keep telling to myself to keep clam and cool... But still deadline are almost here, still in chilling way... Sometimes I just want to blast myself off; in another words saying without thinking (scolding)..

D always trying to trigger / pisses me off whenever I doing my work seriously... I hate that.. I have a Hunch that this D trying to get me over to him... Ya.. dream on MAN.. 'YOU ARE NOT MY TYPE' SORRY~ =P

I hate this (<3) for now.. It's just being annoyed when I rest my brain on screen for too long.. As specially that H.. I will not forgive you till I rest in peace... Don't let me see you in the future, begging me.. There's no CURE for sorry...

I just Hope my design can buy off my customer's taste!! fighting!!

---tittle post stated, time to resume--- Rachel