Saturday, October 22

decisions; period of time

This few days I keep thinking about my SPM(U) result.
The thoughts in my mind bring me another risk.
My Semester 1 result also.
I make up my mind first:
1. If my BM didn't get credit, I will leave nursing for good and do interior design.
2. If my Semester 1 didn't reach my minimum GPA score, I will also leave nursing for good also.
......leave quietly......
I can't take it when some incident in my head makes me remember that I every night before I sleep. It's difficult to let go especially it happen in front of me. Some more I will get terrified when I see dead body like my late grandmother funeral that period. I can never eat properly and I can go starving for 3 days if not mistaken (Last Office). It's hard to heal. 
It makes me think that nursing doesn't have a life. Even my friends pity on me and it's hard to get together with them. I really miss them back from the days we used to be together. I still like to travel and shopping... 
I still like designing in the sense that I mix colour and draw funny n funky stuff.
My Dad said before:
You don't do it to just earn money, do it with PASSION and love your job for many years to come... without regrets. 
I will tell my mom about it on Thursday after my morning shift... until then i will make my decision with her.  
------ preparing for afternoon shift, Signing Off...... <3 you ALL, Peace!!

Saturday, October 8

October 9

Finally I re-open my blog.
It's been a while since last year I didn't open,
Last February wrote once & didn't bother.
and now,
I will try to write once a week.
To reflect what I have been doing and motivate myself.

Well last WEEK......
It's a exam week. Tired.
A lot of things I didn't finish revising.
I even not sure I can pass or not.
but my OSCE confirm pass, X doubt.
I will put more effort to do my best for P&P2, BMS 1 & BMS 2


doing NURSING is not that easy... Signing OFF~