Thursday, February 14

Split second turns WORST

Few months back, my mum had a problems with her thyroid which leads to uncontrollable menses. She found out when she had her pap smear check. Right now she's fine but needs more attention on her daily meals.

My mum was acting strangely that she suspect that my dad has affair with his ex. Sometimes when my dad wasn't around the house, my mum will ask me to open his skype to check what's happening and even take pictures as evidence. I remembered that one of my ex-classmates told me when his was calculating my feng shui said that my parents will separate. I never forget what he said and I keep alert to myself until this day. I think I need to prepare for the W.C.S. (Worst Case Scenario) as the time pass by. I'm not sure I'm ready to tell my mum about this 'thing' that ex-classmate told me beforehand.

-signing out-  

Tuesday, February 5

2013 Finally!

Actually a month passed for 2013, a lot of ups and downs had happen lately.

Let's start with the UP's.
7 years of effortless contribution, I have appointed as Lance Corporal. Even you think it's so easy to get this far, YOU are WRONG!! Damn Wrong. It's not because I like to brag or complain I should get. But I still not impress that how the others whet into competition can get appointed easily. Sad T.T I need to work harder especially the girl that I helped her back in Form 1. I want to beat her to prove that I before turning 25, I will get Rank #13 before she even graduate. I'm also working on a study trip for my Division for the first in history. Pray me hard!
Crop from my database. ^^

I'm very lucky I'm in Year 2 of my Diploma. I met incredible people as my guiding seniors (which happen to be same age as me) working on a Playground Assignment. Here's a sneak peak.

Top: 3 of them done by my hands. Bottom: Overall playground done by my Seniors.

Currently working on a Restoration Shophouse for my Interior Design 3. Working on it.

That's it for my Up's. Nobody ends without the downside of my story.
As long as I know, Guy likes a lady as a first impression is always the look and it really base on my test that I did for 2 days. Day 1 I did nothing, no make-up or anything. Guy didn't look at me at all. The next day, I woke up 1 hour early to do my make-up and it did make a difference. A lot them complemented on my looks with make-up and encourage to put everyday. One of the sales assistant said I look like a Japanese. That really makes me boost up my confidences.  But I'm so lazy to do... I will do it to make myself happy as long I wear my 'lashies'.

That's me! On the right with make-up on. That's my babe from my course. 

Bring over to the next thing. I know I have bring out so many times about guys that I have faced. But sadly nothing is coming to me. I think my luck for guys is not going to happen then. I already put my hopes down. I want a guy to make me smile everyday =) That simple!

I wished you all Happy 2013! and Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year is coming in less then 5 days, As the Year of the Snake: Be prosperous, wealth and most important HEALTH.

Continue on my base of the model later. Signing Out. 

Monday, August 6


I saw J again while driving to college again last Tuesday.. I hate that... what most of my friends said is 'FATE'. Nonsense!! This kind of fate is just coincidence... Because he stays nearby my secondary school. It's just happen, eye to eye looking to each other without a wink...

Final week for SEM 2, till then still a bunch of work incomplete. Even I have problem using photoshop to touch up my work.... Totally very BUSY this week...

Here's a gift to YOU that I will win my Client's heart on selecting my design.

----- AutoCAD time!! - Signing OFF!! -----

Saturday, July 28


3 more weeks left till Sem break... there's so many to finish. Sometime I may think I'm a workaholic.. I never feel tired till I lie down, eyes close till the next day... Sleepless, Panda-eyes, dark circle are mostly the common I will come out from my mouth.. But I NEVER regret what I did this far... B and 10 are always my supporter wherever we do and always will do together... Never Alone...

Predictably I screwed when I choose J as a leader and never do as a part. Keep telling to myself to keep clam and cool... But still deadline are almost here, still in chilling way... Sometimes I just want to blast myself off; in another words saying without thinking (scolding)..

D always trying to trigger / pisses me off whenever I doing my work seriously... I hate that.. I have a Hunch that this D trying to get me over to him... Ya.. dream on MAN.. 'YOU ARE NOT MY TYPE' SORRY~ =P

I hate this (<3) for now.. It's just being annoyed when I rest my brain on screen for too long.. As specially that H.. I will not forgive you till I rest in peace... Don't let me see you in the future, begging me.. There's no CURE for sorry...

I just Hope my design can buy off my customer's taste!! fighting!!

---tittle post stated, time to resume--- Rachel

Saturday, June 23

ID complicated Life

I'm back again...
with new style of life..
a complete 360 degree change..
now i'm already semester 2 week 9..
come to think that i have met such nice, supportive friends and lecturers..
even i didn't think that my life can be such a wonderful some times..
put in all the effort that i have can be a biggest winner to myself!!

Already few months past..
after the incident that he did to me..
i NEVER trusted any of my guy friends any more..  but not all...
is like been a threat to me..
some times a girl can be hurt by him just because he is just to good to him..
RUBBISH just to say that i don't have feelings for you, it's over..
I just want to tell 'him' and all the guys out there:
"I don't need you to depend on just because you said you loved me, 
that it just a LIE,
thanks for bugging in and out of my life just for the sake of FUN, and don't you even dare to come back to my life saying you regret living, YOU MORON..
screw you for the rest of your life on EARTH.."
FYI: until now, I'm still in one piece.. Thank YOU!!

-busy with Site Surveying Draft and new project for Cafe Design, signing out..-

Wednesday, December 7


Well, it happen today.
Because I saw his from the back,
I know who he is.
My heart pumps very strong.
and I didn't see him with eye to eye.
That's very disappointing of me.

But I do consider as FATE.

Wednesday, November 2


Oh. Finally free...
Not everyone knows about my absence.
But I will miss them after this.

For now i will laze around and go holiday.
I will tell when it is the right timing.
So sorry Group 73.