Tuesday, February 5

2013 Finally!

Actually a month passed for 2013, a lot of ups and downs had happen lately.

Let's start with the UP's.
7 years of effortless contribution, I have appointed as Lance Corporal. Even you think it's so easy to get this far, YOU are WRONG!! Damn Wrong. It's not because I like to brag or complain I should get. But I still not impress that how the others whet into competition can get appointed easily. Sad T.T I need to work harder especially the girl that I helped her back in Form 1. I want to beat her to prove that I before turning 25, I will get Rank #13 before she even graduate. I'm also working on a study trip for my Division for the first in history. Pray me hard!
Crop from my database. ^^

I'm very lucky I'm in Year 2 of my Diploma. I met incredible people as my guiding seniors (which happen to be same age as me) working on a Playground Assignment. Here's a sneak peak.

Top: 3 of them done by my hands. Bottom: Overall playground done by my Seniors.

Currently working on a Restoration Shophouse for my Interior Design 3. Working on it.

That's it for my Up's. Nobody ends without the downside of my story.
As long as I know, Guy likes a lady as a first impression is always the look and it really base on my test that I did for 2 days. Day 1 I did nothing, no make-up or anything. Guy didn't look at me at all. The next day, I woke up 1 hour early to do my make-up and it did make a difference. A lot them complemented on my looks with make-up and encourage to put everyday. One of the sales assistant said I look like a Japanese. That really makes me boost up my confidences.  But I'm so lazy to do... I will do it to make myself happy as long I wear my 'lashies'.

That's me! On the right with make-up on. That's my babe from my course. 

Bring over to the next thing. I know I have bring out so many times about guys that I have faced. But sadly nothing is coming to me. I think my luck for guys is not going to happen then. I already put my hopes down. I want a guy to make me smile everyday =) That simple!

I wished you all Happy 2013! and Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year is coming in less then 5 days, As the Year of the Snake: Be prosperous, wealth and most important HEALTH.

Continue on my base of the model later. Signing Out. 

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